Burning system deliveries with over 20 years’ experience

To date, Oy Clean Flame Ltd. has delivered over 150 burner systems to satisfied customers all over the world. Most of them are still in operation. Clean Flame burner systems have won wide acclaim due to their quick and easy commissioning, reliability and a long service life.
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A high standard of quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed by on-going product and process development and the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Clean Flame’s extensive experience, accumulated over many years, ensures unrivalled technical quality and excellent value for money. Oy Clean Flame Ltd. invests in expertise, product development and customer service.


Includes start-up and/or load burners, pumping units, flow control and measuring units, valve sets, ignition gas and pressure switch sets.

CFB and BFB boilers

Neijiang, China, 1994
Liao He, China, 1994
Hodonin I, Czech, 1995
Maoming, China, 1995
Sunila Oy , Finland, 1995
Turow Power Station 1 & 2, Poland, 1996
Aracruz, Brazil, 1996
Norske Skogindustrier As, Norge, 1998
Munksjö Ab Aspa Bruk, Sweden, 1998
Katowice, Poland, 1998
Jaworzno, Poland, 1998
Turow Power Station 3, Poland, 1999
Helsingin Energia Hanasaari, Finland, 1999
Modo Paper, Husum, Sweden, 2000
Västeräs Energi & Vatten, Sweden, 2000
Stora Enso Vargas, Finland, 2000
Upm, Starcel, France, 2000
Vattenfall, Munksund, Sweden, 2000
Turow Power Station 5, Poland, 2001
Äänevoima Oy, Äänekoski, Finland, 2001
Jämtkraft, Sweden, 2001
Elcho, Poland, 2002
Elcho II, Poland, 2002
Turow Power Station 4, Poland, 2002
Mvv, Germany, 2002
Arauco, Chile, 2003
Codelco, Brazil, 2003
Narva Power Plant, Eesti Block, Estonia, 2003
Narva Power Plant, Balti Block, Estonia, 2003
Esp / Lough Ree Power, Ireland, 2003
Esp / West Offaly Power, Ireland, 2003
Turow Power Station 6, Poland, 2004
Apec-Project, Philippines, 2004
Dagang-Project, China, 2004
YFY, Taiwan, 2005
UPPC, Philippines, 2005
TCP, Thailand, 2005
Hylte, Sweden, 2006
Wilton, Great Britain, 2006


Alkmaar, Netherlands, 2x16MW + 2x7MW, natural gas.
Alumar, Brazil, 6x25MW + pumping unit, HFO.
Votorantim, Brazil, 2x14MW + 2x27MW, HFO.


Glow, Thailand, 5x25MW, natural gas.
Igelstaverket, Södertälje, Sweden, 4x25MW + 2x12.5MW, POK.


Jyväskylä, Finland, 8x25MW, LFO .
Oostrozebeke, Belgium, 2x16MW + 2x7MW, POK, 2009
YFY, Chiutang, China, 3x17MW+bed lances 7x5MW, LFO , 2009


Kladno, Czech, 6x22, 3MW, Natural Gas


Växjö, Sweden, 2x12MW, LFO
Dangjin, South Korea, 5x22, 4MW, Natural Gas

Low-NOx coal dust burner oil lances, valve sets and gas ignitors 1999-2009

JH-1 Taiwan, 1999
HP-1 Taiwan, 1999
SK-4 Taiwan, 2000
LT-2 Taiwan 2000
G-8 Taiwan, 2001
JH-2 Taiwan, 2001
HY-1 Taiwan, 2002
HY-2 Taiwan, 2002
MP-6 Taiwan, 2002
VN-1 Vietnam, 2002
HP-4 Taiwan, 2002
CCP-2 Taiwan, 2003
KS-1 China, 2003
NB-1 Taiwan, 2003
NB-2 Taiwan, 2004
JP-1 Taiwan 2004
KS-2 China, 2004
HP-5 Taiwan, 2005
NB-3 Taiwan, 2005

Recovery boiler

Phoenix II, USA, 1992
Scott Paper, USA, 1993
Willamette Industries, USA, 1997
Willamette, USA, 1998
Bowater, Thunder Bay, Canada, 2000

SNCR ammonia equipment:

YFY, China, 2005
Alkmaar, Netherlands, 2006
Lagisza, Poland, 2008
Igelstaverket, Sweden, 2009
Norrköping, Sweden, 2009 Dalkia, Poland, 2011
Kladno, Czech,h 2012
Lund, Sweden, 2013
YFY, Taiwan, 2013
Dangjin, South Korea, 2014

Roasting furnace start-up burners

Outokumpu Zinc Oy, Kokkola 1, Finland, 2000
Outokumpu Zinc Oy, Kokkola 2, Finland, 2002