For all fuels and applications

Clean Flame burner systems are suitable wherever reliable and dependable energy production is required. Typical applications include power plants, steam and hot water boiler plants, the pulp and paper industry, the metallurgical industry and waste incineration plants. As for fuels, Clean Flame burners accept heavy and light fuel oils, natural and biogas and any combination of these.
At Your Service:
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We supply

burner systems for all applications, also to customer specifications
sub-assemblies such as valve sets, pump aggregates and bed lances
spare parts, burner system servicing and modernization

Burners and bed lances
Power range from 5 to 50 MW for use with light and heavy fuel oils and natural gas.
Burner and bed lance features:

simple and reliable construction
start-up and operational reliability
ease of servicing
ready availability of spare parts
long service life

Low NOx burners
A new type of burner that employs advanced technical solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Valve sets
The trip and control valves connected to burners are tested assemblies complete with all the wiring. We also make measuring and control equipment either specifically for individual burners or for an entire system.

Burner control
We deliver complete automatic burner control systems including wiring.